Onitsuka Tiger x Anrealage Augmented Reality Sneakers, Innovative or Gimmick?

With sneaker brands like Nike's upcoming SNKRS app eyeing up AR, it comes as no surprise that Onitsuka Tiger x Anrealage have joined forces to launch their very own sneaker tech.

Footwear brand Onitsuka and fashion label Anrealage have teamed up to design sneakers that can come to life. The collaboration has brought to our attention a new style of sneaker tech that is driven by an accompanying mobile app.


So how does it work? Well, you open the app, scan it over the shoes like you would if you were taking a picture and the Anrealage logo pops out, as music by Japanese band Sakanaction plays in the background. The good news is that the Anrealage Monte Z shoes resemble an ordinary pair of black and white sneakers, and the disappointing news (plural) is that the tech is the logo popping up. More disappointing is that the AR function only works on the left foot and you might have to scan it several times before the logo makes an appearance.

Augmented Reality

The Kind of Tech Novelty That Wears Off

What we love most is that the sneakers are available in two styles, but we were sad to learn that the accompanying Anrealage Monte Z app requires 300MB to download! Also the handsome sneakers are not immune to wear and tear, which unfortunately means that the app can become less reactive to factors like wrinkles, brightness, shadows, angle and distance.

As we explore the tech, it does seem like a lot of hype over sneaker shoes that only show off a logo, but we do need to keep in mind that when it comes to augmented reality technology, it is still in its infancy and therefore baby steps are necessary. So I guess we should not be surprised if we come across a few more gimmicky products as AR space finds its footing.

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