The Importance of Biochemical Footbed Technology

When it comes to our feet, we have never really thought too much about how we expose them to unforgiving surfaces day in, day out. From concrete pavements to wooden floors, our feet sometimes have to end up overcompensating due to the unnatural position our feet can sometimes take when walking. In the long run this can cause problems with our feet, back, knees and legs.

Health and Wellness With Every Step

In order to avoid future aches caused by the everyday activity of walking, Strive Sandals have found a solution. Although they have been around for a while, we were recently  introduced to footbed technology that they use to naturally realign feet. Their biomechanical footwear technology correctly supports your feet in their optimum position by improving the transfer of weight from the rearfoot to forefoot whilst walking. By increasing muscle efficiency, footbed technology plays an important role in helping with over pronation (excessive flattening arch) and in preventing common problems caused by the leg excessively rotating and putting forces into the knee cap and back.

We appreciate that Strive provides supportive footwear using their BFT technology, which in the end can help to reduce excessive pronation, align the body, reduce muscle fatigue and properly support the foot.

Crafted to incorporate our healthy Biomechanical Footbed Technology™, take your pick from glitzy leather toe post sandals, contemporary slides or active walking sandals from their SS17 collection.

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