Susie Bubble, Fashion Blogger Who Inspires Women in Tech?

Why, when it comes to inspirational women in (fashion) tech, names like Maddison Maxey, Sylvia Heisel, Anina Net, Marina Toeters, Anouk Wipprecht and Billie Whitehouse seem to roll off the tongue easier than Susie Bubble.

I have been a fan of Susie Bubble, real name Susanna Lau, since she started her blog Style Bubble back in 2006. She was one the pioneers who made blogging about fashion a respectable profession. Although I take my hat off to her for changing the fabric of fashion reporting, I must admit that I took a pause when she was recently described by the Yorkshire Evening Post as a “fashion blogger who inspires women in tech.”

Women in Tech

Speaking, via SKYPE, at the Leeds International Festival, Bubble was praised for her contribution to this space. I agree that she is proof that one can take passion for fashion and turn it into a lucrative blogging career, but I question whether she can can be praised for having the same pull when it comes to inspiring women to embrace tech as she has for encouraging women that lime green jumpers are all the rage. I do not think so. We must not forget that her audience, which is impressively over 700k, does not speak fashion tech, they speak fashion.

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On the Women in Tech movement, Bubble, who identifies herself as an early adopter within the fashion blogging community, shared,  “I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore tech person. I’m somebody who works in digital media. I feel like there are way more inspiring people, who are like hardcore coders, getting to that CEO level and new start ups in Silicon Valley. The success stories are out there. But it’s still a numbers game where men still heavily outweigh women in the tech field. I don’t see any reason why that should be the case. In my experience a female developer versus male developer, they are just as good as one another. We just bring as many good ideas to the table, especially in this industry that is new. It’s about innovation and finding new ways of doing things.”

Women in Tech

Although Bubble has broken down misconceptions, I do not think that her success has encouraged or empowered women to enter the technology field, it has instead let women know that being a slave to fashion does not mean working for ‘the devil that wears Prada’. I can appreciate that Bubble taught us that you can start a fashion blog and be your own boss. And for that we thank her.

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