Rising From The Ashes, Mobile Native Blackberry Ventures Into Enterprise of Things

Remember when having a BlackBerry was the definition of fashionable? Unlike the iPhone, it was a mobile brand that never begged for fashion’s attention, it simply had it. This was a period before Whatsapp monopolised the world of text messaging. Anybody who was anybody was contactable by BBM. Once the epitome of cool, Blackberry (alongside Motorola and Nokia) neared extinction when it was banished to mobile phone Siberia by the rise of Apple’s iPhone. Although there have been a few comeback products, Blackberry has never been able to reach its previous heights, until now. Blackberry recently shared that they have bravely changed direction and are now focusing on Enterprise of Things.


Without attempting to reinvent the wheel, Blackberry is venturing into wearables, medical devices and appliances in the hope that they will be able to bring useful convenience to consumers. They are also re-entering the tablet market after the previous failure of their now discontinued PlayBook. On this new purpose John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry said, “There is an incredible opportunity for connected devices to improve lives, but to realize its full potential, privacy and security must be embedded in every end point from the start. For example, companies providing medical monitoring devices must protect health data on the device, guarantee it connects securely to the healthcare system, and most importantly ensure that it cannot be hacked, BlackBerry Secure helps solve this triple threat.” He adds, “We have taken a long-term and thoughtful approach to our licensing strategy, which includes an expansive view of the entire Enterprise of Things ecosystem. As part of this strategy, we will work with a wide range of manufacturers to integrate BlackBerry Secure software into both BlackBerry-branded and co-branded devices.”

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With so much going on at Blackberry HQ, I guess it is safe to say that we should not disregard their efforts quite yet, because they might just surprise us.

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