Women In Tech, Are You On Ada’s ‘BadAss’ List?

Have you heard of Ada's List? I am sure some of you are already on it, if you are not, you need to be. 

Targeting women committed to changing the tech industry, Ada’s List has over 2000+ women who work in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. These brainy women hold ‘badass’ titles like digital strategists, scientists, designers, physicists, mathematicians, makers, journalists, developers, service designers, sci-fi authors, tech journalists and rocket scientists, yes I said rocket scientists.

Ada's List Founders Anjali Ramachandran (right) and Merici Vinton (left)
Ada’s List Founders Anjali Ramachandran (right) and Merici Vinton (left)

If you are wondering why the name Ada? Well, first and foremost, the founder is not called Ada, the network was actually founded by two women called Anjali Ramachandran and Merici Vinton. Secondly, Ada’s List is named after Ada Lovelace also known as Countess of Lovelace. Born 1815, she was an English mathematician and writer, chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer. She is famous for the Analytical Engine and writing first programming language in 1842.

As an email-based community, Ada List members can:

– Talk on the record about professional, tech and science-related topics
– Share job listings
– Announce conference panels and calls for submissions
– Find talented ladies to write about, and maybe some sources of information
– Find support if you’re a co-founder, entrepreneur, freelancer, corporate innovator
– Get some informal mentoring
– Share cool, tech-related events

So if you want to be in Ada’s badass club, the only requirement is that you are a woman in tech. There is also a small request that you take a moment to read their Agenda. As a member of the list I look forward to seeing you on the Ada side. JOIN.

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