uBeam, Cutting The Cords and Leading The Charge For A Wireless Future

It is time to free yourself from tangled wires, bulky chargers, and poorly placed outlets, it all starts with a wave of sound.

Can you imagine your world untethered? Well, you do not have to. uBeam, an impressive startup, has created a product that will solve all our current technological problems quickly and efficiently. Having swiftly gone from PowerPoint to prototype in a short space of time, uBeam are using pioneering ultrasound technology that has been designed to help us cut the cords in our life once and for all

The startup that wants to charge all your electronics wirelessly reveals how it works

Building an energy infrastructure of the future, uBeam was founded by Meredith Perry. She is the woman behind a wireless energy that will charge your personal devices with ease. Supported by a tribe of multi-­disciplinary inventors and leaders, Perry admits to being all about solving “problems that truly matter”, all the while leading the charge for a wireless future that could change the world.

Founder and CEO Meredith Perry Charges Gadgets With Sound

Breeding innovation, Perry believes that “ubiquitous wireless power will lead to a world with smaller batteries and thinner, lighter devices”. She hopes to eliminate wires so television’s will be able to sit in the middle of a room cord-free and light fixtures will become “stick-on” without the need for routed power. What we love best about uBeam’s vision is that they have designed their product to a universal standard, which means that it will have the power to eradicate the need for bulky travel adapters.

How The Power By uBeam Works

Wondering how uBeam works? Well, it all starts with the transmitter, which works like a speaker, emitting audible sounds. The high frequency sound it emits is inaudible to you and your pets, should you have any. Harnessing energy from vibration, the energy is converted into electricity that charges your device. Taking a closer look, this U.S. California based company targets power directly to receivers, the receiver, acting like a microphone, picks up the sound and converts it into usable electrical energy using proprietary energy-harvesting technology. Simply put, uBeam actively requests power and when the request stops, the power delivery ceases.

When it comes to the issue of safety the good news is that the ultrasound has been used safely for nearly 100 years. We have been informed that uBeam’s ultrasound has been classified as “non-ionizing radiation,” which means that it does not have any of the properties of “ionizing radiation,” such as X-rays. Also, when transmitted through the air, uBeam cannot penetrate solid materials like skin, therefore there is no risk of prolonged exposure to the uBeam system. This is because uBeam’s system functions only in the “line of sight,” so you are completely safe, even when you are standing directly in front of the beam.
On the legal front, uBeam has confirmed that they comply with the government regulatory requirements and that their product power beam levels are more than 50 times lower than the lowest ultrasound. With uBeam promising us POWER, ALWAYS, ANYWHERE, we say welcome to a new age of wireless power.
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