The Two Faces Of Smart Textiles, Poetic Exploration vs Engineering Driven

When you think about it, fashion has always been technology. Cutting a piece of cloth and turning it into something functional is an extraordinary technological feat. It is also proof that technology has always been crucial to the development of fashion. Now, as we begin to get comfortable with fashion technology and wearable tech, it has become easier for many people to accept and appreciate that the natural progression of technology will inevitably lead us to adorning tech-integrated clothing.

Exploring this field closely is Danielle Wilder, a visiting research fellow and the Centre for Smart Materials and Performance Textiles at RMIT University. Defining wearable technology as interactive, responsive garments and interface, Wilder explores the leaps and bounds that wearable technology has taken. She also talks about how technology advancements mean that we are able to not only extend our knowledge when it comes to communicating with each other, but that we also gain knowledge about ourselves and what is going on with our bodies.

Less than 5 minutes long, the video touches on how the evolution of smart materials means that we are destined to go beyond micro controllers (technology usually seen in sports garments) because we are headed in the direction of life sciences and material sciences manifesting themselves into wearables. Very fascinating.  She also introduces us to pioneers like designer Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan. They are the duo behind the clothes that filter pollution from the air. Wilde speaks of how they are investigating new ways of making fruitful collaborations between artist and scientist. Just when we thought our eyes could not be opened any wider, they suddenly were. Enjoy.

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