NanoZoo, The Game Changing Smart Diaper Bag?

As a new parent, I quickly discovered how hard it can be to find a useful baby bag

Recently I was asked to take a look at a new smart practical diaper bag. Having just had my first baby, I was intrigued. As nosied around its features I learnt that besides keeping you organised, the waterproof bag’s key selling point was its 13 smart pockets, designed to make your life easier.


Named Nanozoo, the bag is the brainchild of parents who one day decided to design and create a bag that would help them keep things organized and also keep food and drinks cold or warm whilst on the go. Created with nano water-resistant fabric, the easy to clean bag brags a contemporary design that is a little bit easier on the eye.


Although I appreciated the tech in the fabric, it was the NanoZoo’s ‘smart pockets’ that got my attention. Excited to learn what exactly these smart pockets will be able to do in order to make my life easier, it didn’t take long to discover that they were not smart in the sense of technology but smarter in that they will keep me organised and tidy. I personally would have preferred it if they were actually tech rather than just masked as tech. On learning this I decided not to write of the bag just yet, instead, I dug a little deeper.


Functional and promising an easy life, the NanoZoo bag has been designed with an all around zipper allowing the diaper, 13 Smart Pockets, 2 insulated Smart Pockets and 2 large outside pockets. Converting from shoulder bag to messenger bag with a strap, the super light bag is machine washable and versatile. The makers of Nanozoo encourage you to use it as an overnight bag or a yoga bag when you no longer need a baby bag.


This is a bag that seems up to the job of making my life easier. As a first-time mum, I welcome such ease, but I just wish that there was more technology to this baby tech bag, like a built-in charger for my mobile. I think that is not a lot to ask because these days a smart bag should at least be able to charge our phones.


Available in matt black, pledges for the bag begin at $159. Want to introduce NanoZoo into the family? You can show your support HERE.