Silicon Valley Fashion Week, The Mardi Gras of Fashion Tech

And it begins. Silicon Valley Fashion Week (SVFW) kicked off yesterday to the excited sighs of those looking forward to indulging in drones, robots, LED clothing and wearable art.

The Mardi Gras of fashion tech has begun. Taking place in the city of tech, San Francisco, the unconventional fashion show was an idea dreamed up by crowdfunding clothing company Betabrand.

Chris Lindland CEO of Betabrand
Chris Lindland CEO of Betabrand

Dancing to the beat of their own drum, Silicon Valley Fashion Week (SVFW) which is actually a 3 day event, celebrates the merge of technology and fashion in a headline catching manner. Partnered up with, this season Betabrand will be unveiling the latest drones, robots, LED clothing and wearable art.

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Now in its second year, we must forewarn first time attendees to not expect to see a FROW full of celebrities, instead, they should be prepared to applaud crowdsourced super stars with the future of fashion in mind. Giving startups a platform to show off their innovation, this year’s coming out brands include the Pebble’s Mark Solomon’s Smarthole Hoodie, the Betabrand 3M dress, TshirtOS from Switch Embassy, the wrinkle-free travel blazer and Tinsel’s Dipper audio necklace. On the runway you can look forward to standout pieces from PixeldelicsThreeform, and Senorsee.

Betabrand's 3M dress has reflective panels with millions of tiny glass beads.
Betabrand’s 3M dress has reflective panels with millions of tiny glass beads.

On the event Betabrand founder Chris Lindland told CNN, “It’s going to be all about fashion, fun and innovation.” He continued by adding, “All the insanity of the Internet hits the runway! The nucleus of the designs come from the Maker movement, wearable tech world, and Burning Man – all of which makes amazing contributions to costuming and popular culture, but lack a runway to call their own. We built one for them.”

Pebble's Mark Solomon's Smarthole Hoodie
Pebble’s Mark Solomon’s Smarthole Hoodie

Hyped up and ready to please, Lindland promises you the best fashion tech show currently on offer. With tickets sold at an affordable $20, SVFW has to be the most cheapest fashion tech event going. So why not treat yourself.

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