EDITORS PICK: 3D Printed 24K Gold Chrome Plated Karpman Boots


Not a stranger to 3D printing, her latest project was inspired by khopesh knives from Ancient Egypt. Admittingly, the entire boot is not 3D printed, instead Karpman used 3D Design and 3Dprinting to create the intricate heel. Using the MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer, it took 16 hours to print the heel out of an acrylic material, before chrome plating it in 24k gold. On the materials used to construct the boot, Karpman explained, “I am currently furthering my work in bringing together more leather and tech components to create a love affair between fashion and tech. Everything is half 3D printed/half leather.”


On the design Karpman shared with 3Ders, “I come from a fashion background and started using Rhino and Solidworks about 2 years ago as it completely opened new possibilities for me in my design process. With the incorporation of 3D modeling and printing, I can further push my designs with this kind of technology.”


I appreciate that Karpman is a woman unafraid to shake up 3D printing’s pre-existing aesthetic. She plans to do this by integrating 3D printing to her fashion tech designs and experimenting with 3D textile design. So it is with bated breath that we plan to keep an enthusiastic eye on innovative designer Ms Anna Karpman.

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