Strap Up The Technology of Your Traditional Watch

As technology shrinks, it’s becoming increasingly easier to design and engineer our way to a meaningful and successful product. When it comes to stacking features on wrist wear devices, you can quickly run out of space when embedding the latest technology. We have seen some solutions before where you could upgrade your traditional watch, but not like Paris/Madrid based startup Main Tool, who were smart enough to look at the space that was there for them to use. They decided to strap up the technology of your traditional watch.

Strap up

The strap comes with an array of sensors and monitors on board and it connects to your phone by Bluetooth. It has a pedometer to measure activity in steps and distance and a calorie counter. A built in alarm helps you memorize events by giving a discreet vibration. Plus the ability to customize the accompanying app to set up notifications of your contacts that you favorite. A great way to find your way through today’s notification storm.

Subsequently, phone calls can be rejected by pressing the button on the logo that’s stamped into the leather. Pressing the same button for more than 6 seconds will send a distress message to a person of choice in your phone’s contact list. The strap also comes with an Android and iPhone loss prevention notification feature. Which also comes in the form of a text message. On top of all this, the band comes with a directional haptic engine. Vibrating you in the right direction so no need to check Google maps when travelling.

Strap up Technology

Speaking with Main Tool’s CEO Hussain Ahamed I asked him how he came up with the idea of a smart strap. He answered:While smart watches are impressive pieces of technology, they’ll never speak to users the way that classic timepieces can. All smart watches are inevitably the same. They lack the customizing aspect.” He continued:”With ‘Classi‘, we offer users the ability to “upgrade” their classic watch with the strap we give them the best of both worlds.”

I absolutely love their handmade limited edition alligator strap with beige lining and butterfly buckle. A truly fashionable band which immediately also reveals the potential weakness of the other lines of this product, which is that the lesser quality straps will probably not have the same cut and feel. And if I would decide to use Maintool’s strap for my favorite watch it needs to compliment it. Or else some might hesitate to buy it for their classic watch. In other words, I wonder if anyone would strap up their $1000 looking watch with a $149 looking strap.

Strap Up Bended watch2
Main Tool’s handmade limited edition alligator strap with beige lining and butterfly buckle.

The wearable tech band is ready for production and is aimed at consumers. Although, it is to be expected that established watch brands will be keeping a close eye to Main Tool’s campaign. Main Tool’s Indiegogo campaign started on the 30th of August 2016, with the goal to collect $50k within a month. On the reason for taking Classi to Indiegogo Ahamad shared with FashNerd: “We plan to use the funds we collect from Indiegogo for setting up our production and getting the first batch of Classi to our supporters.” The first 100 early birds will be able to strap themselves up for only $99!

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