KEYNOTE: Taking a Closer Look at the Evolution of Fashion Tech

#FASHIONTECH Berlin, currently in its fourth round at Berlin’s Fashion Week, has gained a reputation for being quite topical in their combination of fashion design and technology. So I was quite pleased when I was asked to talk about Fashion and Technology, The New Power Couple on stage at their July 2016 event. If you missed it you can now watch the keynote courtesy of #FASHIONTECH Berlin.

My keynote on ‘Fashion and Technology, The New Power Couple?’ explored how we can rewire the fashion industry’s definition of fashion technology by taking a relatable approach that challenges the perception that wearable technology is not fashionable enough to be part of our everyday wardrobe.

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The main points were centered around defining fashion technology, looking at the inspiration behind the merge, tackling the issue of designing for consumers, challenging the perception that wearable technology isn’t fashionable, taking a closer look at the evolution of fashion collaborations, before finishing off with how fashion technology can stay ahead of the curve.

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