VerveLife, A New Era of Hearables from Motorola

Meet the new era of wireless audio connected devices from Motorola.

VerveLife has landed. Today we attended the launch of a revolutionary collection of wireless audio products from Motorola. Designed to give you full freedom, the new devices will make sure that you stay connected in your everyday life.


With innovative and flexible technology, VerveLife perks include extended battery life, easy wireless capabilities, IP57 water protection, durability and portability. The trio of wearable, wireless and waterproof audio collection includes the VerveLife+ wireless smart earbuds, the VerveRider+ wearable stereo earbuds and the VerveLoop+ wireless stereo earbuds.



On the new era of devices from Motorola Dino Lalvani, CEO and Chairman, Binatone Global shared, “Wireless devices need to offer busy, social lifestyles uncomplicated solutions on the move, and we are thrilled to deliver on this with smart interconnected wireless devices that bring freedom to lives.”

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Created to give you the ultimate freedom, the VerveLife devices use the Hubble Connect for VerveLife app, which features options for consumers to create audio profiles so they can optimise the perfect sound. Prices start from £59.99 so be sure to grab your very own VerveLife at Verve. The Verve ones+ in particular are available on Amazon in the US for $249 from the 1st of July.


Want to learn more? Well FashNerd will be reviewing the VerveOnes+ and VerveLoop+ soon, so watch this space.

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