This Week in Fashion Tech…

Rounding up this weeks headlining news from the Fashion Tech space.

This week’s fashion tech news came in the shape of GUESS jeans. The iconic brand launched their new collection of denim, engineered to slenderize your figure, repel stains and moisturise your skin. We also explored the aesthetic of false neutrality, courtesy of fashion designer and university professor Ying Gao. Her latest project, the ‘Can’t’ and ‘Won’t’ dresses, introduced us to playful garments that impressively and subtly brag robotic movement and facial recognition.

On the fashion tech collab front, Music and Fashion came together in the shape of Apple x Alexander Wang. The partnership gave stylish birth to a fashion channel on Apple Music that introduces listeners to a series of playlists curated by Wang. The most interesting collaboration this week has to be the one between Adidas x Parley. The two brands have come together to introduce us to a new sneaker design entirely made out of recycled plastic fused together with bio-waste-powered steam- now that is what we call turning bad plastic pollution into something fashionably wearable.

Adidas x Parley: Using Technology to Turn Bad Plastic into Good

We were ecstatic when Bionic Yarn  gained further column inches after their collaboration with G Star Raw. Together the partnership launched the RAW for the Oceans line range, a collection of denim pieces woven with about nine tons of the plastic. With such attention to a worthy cause should it come as a surprise that Adidas have made the sustainable decision to also use the plastic waste from the ocean to create some stylish footwear? READ MORE…


GUESS Who is Dabbling in Fashion Tech?

Whenever I think of GUESS I think of curvy women with great hair and pouty lips, the word technology does not even get a look in. So when I heard that the sexy brand had launched a new range equipped with technology, I had to find out more. READ MORE…


Moving & Breathing ‘Can’t’ and ‘Won’t’ Dresses

Exploring the aesthetic of false neutrality, fashion designer and university professor Ying Gao, has achieved personal distinction through numerous creative projects. Her latest project, the ‘Can’t’ and‘Won’t’ dresses, impressively and subtly brag robotic movement and facial recognition. Gao, who appreciates sensory technologies that allow garments to become more playful and interactive, created the dresses using high tech super organza, cotton mesh, PVDF and electronic devices. READ MORE…

Photo by Dominique Lafond. Images courtesy of the artist
Photo by Dominique Lafond. Images courtesy of the artist

Apple Music Fashion Collab With Alexander Wang

When it comes to the merging of fashion and technology, one route that brands are taking to entice consumers is that of fashion channels. This trend has become evident in the launch of channels like Amazon’s Style Code Live and before that Apple’s  Made to Measure. READ MORE…


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