LCM: “See it, Buy it” App Debuts at Henry Holland Show

London Collection Men 2016: a scanner app that could change the way you shop débuts at the House of Holland show

Imagine being able to point your mobile at someone’s outfit before instantly being given the option to order it. Ok, it won’t help with one’s shopping addiction, but I am confident that it would make our shopping experience that little bit more exciting.


Intrigued? Well we can share with you that this advanced image-recognition scanner has been recently launched by Visa Europe. The iOS or Android compatible scanner allows your smart phone camera to first identify the garment you are lusting after, before finding it in your size and then giving you the option to pay for it straight away.

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Developed by Blippar and the Visa Europe, the augmented reality app promises to “transform the way we purchase items” because “we will soon be able to whip out our phones to detect what a passer-by is wearing”. The innovative idea was trialed during Henry Holland‘s very 90’s Rave in a Cave Runway show at London Collections Men 2016. During the show, the audience were given the opportunity to scan outfits worn by models before being able to buy them instantly. On the partnership British designer Henry Holland said: “Being able to scan people’s garments through Blippar and purchase them pretty much off their back is an amazing technological development and one I have dream’t of as a consumer and a fashion business owner.”

Nick Grimshaw with Henry Holland in a House of Holland hoodies. Photograph David M. Benett Getty Images
Nick Grimshaw with Henry Holland in a House of Holland hoodies | Photo Credit: David M. Benett Getty Images

It all sounds fantastic, but there is only one snag, in everyday life, how do you take some stranger’s photo without risking an angry exchange of words? On this, the spokesperson confided that they recommend that you ask the permission of the person you want to photograph before using the app.

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With plans to make the technology available to other retailers this year, you can get this fashion tech app working by pointing your smartphone at the outfit you like, then tap the screen through the Blippar app, which identifies the item and then offers you the chance to buy it with a pre-registered prepaid, debit or credit card.

Henry Holland LCM 2016
Henry Holland LCM 2016

Hoping to make the whole world shoppable, Ranjiva Prasad, Visa Europe Collab’s principle technical architect, concluded that “You can shop on the Tube, but of course you do need to have the permission of the person you are pointing the camera at.”

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