GUESS Who is Dabbling in Fashion Tech?

Whenever I think of GUESS I think of curvy women with great hair and pouty lips, the word technology does not even get a look in. So when I heard that the sexy brand had launched a new range equipped with technology, I had to find out more.


On digging a little deeper, I found out that the denim brand had announced the launch of a new collection that delivers the sort of engineering that will slenderize your figure, repel stains and moisturise your skin, yes I said moisturise your skin. So how does that work? Well the collection has been created with nutrient-enriched denim with ginkgo extract that will supposedly help reduce cellulite. With vitamin E, the jeans will also hydrate and moisturize your skin with the help of anti-oxidant properties.  

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Designed with Slimtex fabric, the range contains millions of micro-bubbles that burst and are released onto your your skin whenever you wear the jeans. It all sounds wonderful, so what about the stains? Well, GUESS has confirmed that the range brags Stay White Denim fabric pieces with the ability to resist absorption from both water- and oil-based liquids. 


Made up of Jean Care flared dress, Jean Care white leggings, Stay White jeans and Stay White denim skirt, the bad news is that the GUESS range is currently only available in Hong Kong. We will let you know should that change. Prices start from HK$699.

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