5th Graders Show Off Outfits They Made From Recycled Materials

Sustainability is not something that only us grown ups are dipping our toes into, it seems that our smaller versions are also playing a key role in creating a sustainable fashion future.

With the objective to make children more socially responsible, Centerville Elementary School in the USA showcased a fashion show where its fifth-graders showed off environmentally conscious outfits that they had made themselves from recycled materials.


The participating student’s were part of their school’s STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, art and math) which taught them about where their clothes come from and how they could be more environmentally friendly. The forward thinking program run by Nikki Rupu, the school’s STEAM specialist, encouraged the children to come up with their own messages such as “Wind power: It makes the earth happy,” while another said, “Trash-free lunch” with a picture of a lunch box. On the program she shared that she hoped that when the the fifth-graders moved on to middle school that they would take what they had learned about sustainable practices with them.


Turning the school’s gym into a runway, the innovative kids showed off their creations whilst also sharing what they had learned about the textiles industry, like how 45% of textiles end up in landfills instead of being recycled or upcycled. This is just one of the valuable lessons that the children were taught, which is great because by the time they have grown up, climate change will be a big issue. Therefore we think that it is definitely important that we teach all children how important sustainability is to the earth that they will be inheriting in the not too distant future.

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