This Week in Fashion Tech…

Rounding up this weeks headlining news from the Fashion Tech space.

This week we hit the ground running with coverage on Decoded Fashion London. As one of their media partners, we had exclusive access to the ins and outs of the retail tech event and we were able to sit down for a one on one with some of the big honchos like Candice Fragis of Farfetch and Daniel Hirschmann of Technology Will Save Us.

Running alongside our Decoded Fashion coverage this week was the educational road trip to Hyper Island in Stockholm made by FashNerd managing editor Mano ten Napel and the exciting news that Samsung had filed a patent that was recently granted for a touchpad, beamed on your skin by a smart watch. These insightful pieces turned out to be some of our most read articles this week.

Decoding The Retail Tech Visionaries Through Fashion Tech Eyes

It is the morning after the night before, and Decoded Fashion London 2016 is now truly over for another year. Since its launch in New York in 2012 by founder Liz Bacelar, Decoded Fashion has attracted visionaries, innovators and disruptors to its summits. With such a pull, Decoded Fashion has built a reputation as ‘the’ must attend event for those interested in how innovation is defining the future of fashion and technology. READ MORE…

decoded fashion article

RoadTrip: Hyper Island, Making the Impossible Possible

Last month I spoke in Stockholm, at a former Ericsson factory (yes, the mobile phone company that builds telecom infrastructures for countries now) that has turned into a post-industrial design centre located at Telefonplan. Now, the global head office of Hyper Island, the building is home to a digital learning organization that offers educational programs, business innovation consulting and courses that teach students and industry professionals about the ‘digital’ changes in society. READ MORE…

Hyper Island Global Head Office in Telefonplan, Stockholm
Hyper Island Global Head Office in Telefonplan, Stockholm

Candice Fragis: “I Won’t Wear Wearables For Wearables Sakes”

I was introduced to Candice by Decoded Fashion PR girl Mollie. As I stood up to greet her, I found myself taking in her fashionable black jumpsuit, which I loved, and her wild curly hair, which I envied. With a firm handshake and a quick introduction we made ourselves comfortable on the white sofa so we could begin our one on one chat. READ MORE…


Wearable Technology That Turns Your Skin into a Touchpad

Samsung, a company that likes to stay ahead of the trends, has recently filed a patent for a smartwatch that projects a larger screen onto the wearer’s hand. The tech giant is looking to solve the current problem of smartwatch faces being too small and hard to read. Their solution is to project a larger screen on the hand or forearm. READ MORE…


In other news this week, we found ourselves taken in by the handsome Hovding Invisible airbag helmet, glued to an inspiring video of Women in Tech offering Advice to the Next Generation and drooling over the stylish wearables from the ‘When Tech Is Workin’ It‘ fashion tech edit. How was your week?

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