This Week In Fashion Tech…

Rounding up this weeks headlining news from the Fashion Tech space.

This week has been one of whats new and happening. Well we can share that it was the week that Garmin launched their latest smart watch, the Forerunner 235. The GPS-equipped waterproof sports watch makes for the perfect companion for multi-sport athletes.

Continuing on the health streak, we felt inspired by designer Katerina Semenko and inventor Valery Griznov who have designed swimwear that brags numerous air capsules that guard against drowning. Beautifully designed, the swimwear manages to merge technology and design in a way that makes us feel like saying, “Yes we can wear that!

Since FashNerd is not only about FashionTech, this week we threw a bit of LifestyleTech courtesy of Logitech. The brand is well known for providing us with functional keyboards, but this time round the company has stepped out of is usual tech and have launched ZeroTouch a smart car phone holder with voice-command app that gives your everyday car the best features of a connected car. Available for under $100, how could we not sit up and take notice!

We rounded up the week by taking a closer look at women led millennial start-ups that are all about “Fashion, Feminism & Technology”.  How refreshing is it when women show unity through innovation and ideas? We feel that kind of togetherness encourages the next generation to take fashion tech to the next level.

Garmin Proving it Can Hold its Own in the World of Wearables

Garmin is a brand that is holding its own in the world of wearables. Their latest offering is the Forerunner 735XT which is similar to the Forerunner 235.  The GPS-equipped waterproof sports watch has the ability to track sports with custom features for swimmers and measures heart rate using Elevate. READ MORE…

Forerunner 735XT - Frost Blue, Standard Views, UNITED STATES
Forerunner 735XT – Frost Blue, Standard Views, UNITED STATES

Oh Buoy it’s An Innovative Swimming Costume

With summer just around the corner we cannot wait to get our favourite swim suit on. So when we heard that there was a stylish new must have suit that can save you, we had to hear more. Every year thousands people drown in water, a fact that drove designer Katerina Semenko and inventor Valery Griznov to design a swimming costume with safety in mind. Doubling up as a life jacket, the Vancover based duo have created a suit, for men, women and children, that traps air bubbles inside a rubber tubing which help you float when you are in the water.. READ MORE…


Beyond The Keyboard, Logitech’s Connected Car for Under $100

Something new and exciting has come to light courtesy of Logitech. ZeroTouch is a smart car phone holder with voice-command app that gives your everyday car the best features of a connected car. This amazing device means that you do not have to trade in your trusty car just to keep up with the Joneses. Available in two styles, Logi Zerotouch Air Vent and the Zerotouch Dashboard, the device mounts for android smartphones and not iOS I am afraid. Logitech’s latest innovation includes functions that can be controlled by holding a hand over the smartphone camera while the app is running. READ MORE…


Women Led Millennial Start-Ups, All About “Fashion, Feminism & Technology”?

“Fashion, Feminism and Technology” (The Observer) are three words that perfectly describe some of the women led millennial start up brands of today.

In my book, a dash of feminism is not a negative thing, in actuality it can be considered a strength, especially when it comes to the Fashion and Technology space. It is refreshing when women show unity through innovation and ideas. By doing so they prove to the next generation that nothing is impossible when it comes to embracing creativity through technology. READ MORE…


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