Oh Buoy it’s An Innovative Swimming Costume

The must-have swimwear that brags numerous air capsules guarding against drowning.

With summer just around the corner we cannot wait to get our favourite swim suit on. So when we heard that there was a stylish new must have suit that can save you, we had to hear more.


Every year thousands people drown in water, a fact that drove designer Katerina Semenko and inventor Valery Griznov to design a swimming costume with safety in mind. Doubling up as a life jacket, the Vancover based duo have created a suit, for men, women and children, that traps air bubbles inside a rubber tubing which help you float when you are in the water.


The discrete innovation is hidden in the neck strap of a woman’s one piece, the bottom of a two piece bikini and the around the waist of men’s swimming trunk. Adding buoyancy to your beach outfit, the air-filled tubes will complement your body’s natural ability to float.


What makes this innovative design stand out is:
1. This saving device always on a body. It looks as a usual swimwear.
2. Air has smaller density, than other materials (cork, made foam polymers)
3. Air is in tubes and bubbles with an atmospheric pressure.
4. This saving device shouldn’t be pumped up.
5. This saving device consists of a lot of separate balloons. Therefore it isn’t threatened by punctures.

You will be glad to hear that you do not need to blow anything up before wearing the suit and that when worn an average sized adult will receive 2-3 kg buoyancy. Additional air can also be placed in bubbles between two layers of polyethylene giving the wearer that extra protection against accidental drowning.

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