LV’s Ghesquiere Introducing Innovation into the Patrimony

Fashion influencer Ghesquiere grasps and understands that fashion technology is not about abandoning tradition.

Slowly but surely the luxury world seems less hesitant to make the latest technology offerings part of their design plan. It is great to see these old and established fashion houses recognising that [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”null”]the use of Fashion Technology does not always have to be an obvious one[/inlinetweet]. Sometimes the choice of the technology being utilized can be about creating the collection rather than integrating it into garments. A great example of a designer who has taken advantage this is Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera AW16 Collection at NYFW | Photo Credit:
Carolina Herrera AW16 Collection at NYFW | Photo Credit:

Herrera used modern technology for her AW16 runway at NYFW. On the techniques she adopted, Herrera shared, “The way I use the new technology is in embroideries that are just beneath the print of the collection. The embroideries are all floating. I call them 3D. I’m always fascinated by the new technology we find in fashion.”

Most recently French fashion house Louis Vuitton has also decided to embrace the great innovations that fashion tech has to offer. The rather ambitious decision is all down to Nicolas Ghesquiere, the man currently at the helm of the luxury label.

Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquiere

Looking to introduce “innovation into the patrimony”, the artistic director is certainly a breath of fresh air. We love that he is not shy about voicing his opinions on Louis Vuitton’s fashion forward step into the future of fashion. On this Ghesquiere shared, “Fashion is a wonderful industry because fashion is scared of nothing.” Ghesquiere also adds, “Fashion had been always very supportive of the craft, and at the same time fashion has never refused innovation, never refused to go further, to look for a new way to do it, and technology is a part of it.”

Having been part of the LV family since 2013 how can you not love Ghesquiere’s willingness to never refuse innovation. Although he has been quite vocal about wanting to introduce technology to the fashion house’s time-honoured techniques, he does also recognise that some embroidery can only be achieved by hand. For Ghesquiere that does not mean that technology like 3D printing should be overlooked, because he understands that it can actually be more efficient than the manual alternative. His grasp of what what is possible when it comes to technology gives me confidence that his adoption of fashion technology will only strengthen his career and make Louis Vuitton’s collections newsworthy.

LV Makes a Statement for SS16
LV Makes a Statement for SS16

When asked about the man versus machine debate, Louis Vuitton’s hot talent believes that first and foremost, we need to recognise that technology is part of fashion. With such a clear grasp of the change taking place, it is great to see a fashion influencer such as Ghesquiere understand that [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]fashion technology is not about abandoning tradition [/inlinetweet]it is more about “figuring out which technology is better suited to specific tasks”.

So to those who fear the future of fashion, take a page out of Ghesquiere book and remember that it is all about taking full advantage of the ability to use technological techniques that will assist you in creating a more beautiful and stunning collection and not about replacing traditional methods. A fact that we couldn’t agree more on.

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