The Apple Watch, A Reason To Wear A Watch In The First Place?

Today’s latest versions of the smartphones make our old desktop PC look like an old Japanese calculator. Before the smartphone, the generic mobile phone, which could only make phone calls and write texts, became the reason why so many people stopped wearing traditional watches and instead relied on their phones for everything including time keeping.

The Apple Watch iPhone Rose GoldNow with the introduction of smartwatches, the position of the once abandoned timepiece has now changed. Today the smartwatches on offer, are packing more technology then ever before. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] With the surge of signal-processing performance and technology shrinking, the demand for tech psi on our body has increased[/inlinetweet]. So it is for the first time, in many years, that the smartwatch is offering many new reasons why we should go back to wearing a watch again.

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Of course the traditional watch has always been much more than a piece of jewellery that you would adorn to tell the time, especially when you talk about the luxury brands. Beautifully crafted, the time pieces can sometimes be considered works art designed to make a fashion statement. When worn, luxury watches are a great way for an individual to express themselves. This is exactly why combining the two, fashion and technology, was a genius strategy by Apple. With rumours circulating that the Cupertino based company might include cellular data to their Apple Watch, it is these kind of new developments that could bring the whole ‘should I, or should I not wear a watch’ full circle. Also, should the apple watch 2 make the iPhone obsolete, it could take away our need to always carry our smart phones around.

The Apple Watch 38mm Vintage Rose Sport Band
The Apple Watch 38mm Vintage Rose Sport Band

When it comes to my smartphone with the big screen, I am currently enjoying it way too much to ditch it for a smartwatch. That being said, should Apple or another tech giant like Samsung, who recently got a patent that enables them to create a watch that turns your skin into a touch pad granted, come up with something enticing then I am definitely game. Otherwise I foresee a future where a smartwatch will soon be able to do everything that a smart phone can, which means that as creatures of habit we would not need to change our behaviour. Instead we can look forward to adapting to a combination of hearables and a smartwatch, that will offer us an overall experience that could mean that we would no longer feel the need to always carry our smartphone around.

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