BMW Starts Replacing Dashboards With AR

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

German car manufacturer BMW is celebrating it’s centennial with a new concept carthat is prove that big ideas can lead to big innovation. The BMW VISION NEXT 100 concept car is celebrating technology by making the digital world and the analog world work together.

BMW Vision Next 100

This is the kind of vehicle that looks like a dragon whilst demonstrating what the future of cars is going to look like. Made from recycled carbon fiber and other materials, the copper-colored coupe is built around the driver, with the aim to deliver features to suit today’s ever-changing driving needs. Offering a responsive and intelligent user experience, the car’s wing doors automatically open as the hand of the driver approaches.


For its 100th anniversary BMW came up with 2 modes of driving experience- Ease and Boost. Both deliver context to the overall driving experience. On this, Head of Design User Experience Holger Hampf shared “Especially when it comes to different driving modes of the future we talk much about autonomous driving, self driving and so on. The car has to actively adapt to these driving conditions and that to me is possible with ‘Alive Geometry‘.”

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Alive Geometry is a safety system which alerts the driver of varying road conditions, oncoming traffic and other hazards. The multi-widget windshield screen display interprets important data and recognizes possible danger. BMW have replaced it’s dashboard with Augmented Reality.

The concept car debuted in Munich on March 7 2016, exactly 100 years after BMW was founded. Design wise the car actually reminded us of a very stylish BMW i8. BMW hasn’t announced any intentions of putting the concept car into production but maybe some dreams are better left untouched.

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