#SEARCHSTYLE, Revolutionising How Trends Are Consumed

At London Fashion Week, tech does not only come in the shape of fashion tech on the runway, there are also brands that create retail tech apps like the rather trendy Search Style. Founded in London, the multi-award-winning social network Search Style uses social inspiration to bring together the latest global street style trends in a unique interactive worldwide fashion map.

As we continue to live in a socially connected world which means that we can find our everyday style being influenced straight from the streets, a trend that Search Style refers to as the Bubble-Up effect. Once you have signed up to the app, SearchStyle.com fashion lovers can share their style through street style photos, and follow, comment on and share the styles of the people, designers and brands that inspire them. This fashion footprint updates in real time so users discover the latest trends as they develop no matter where they are, from the glitzy stores of Paris to the gritty street styles of Manila.


Through the simple act of sharing photos you can unofficially become an ‘influencer’ via your purchases, ideas and styles. Search Style takes that ‘see it, want it’ impulse and makes it a reality. Online shopping has fast become a social activity, and Search Style is on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift in consumer nature. With clever algorithms, Search Style also learns and adapts to users’ styles. The more you use the site the more intuitive it becomes. The app will suggest influencers and brands based not only on your style, age, gender and location but also your online activity.


With this technology Search Style are revolutionising how fashion trends are growing, perceived and consumed. Search Style users simply have to hashtag their Instagram photos #SEARCHSTYLE and they’re automatically added to their style profile and plotted on their Fashion Map. By incorporating Instagram community Search Style will ensure that our audience is global, social, multicultural, authentic and unbiased. They are pioneering the future of fashion retail, closing the gap between social inspiration and social shopping in the space of just a few clicks. Why not join them and see what the world is wearing.

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