NYFW: Chromat LUMINA AW16 Techs Up With RealSense

Muchaneta Kapfunde| @FashNerdEditor

Tech spotting runway labels that are embracing innovation at NYFW can be quite exhausting, I am excited to shout from the roof tops that fashion label Chromat is one that did not disappoint. Although I would most likely not adorn some of their pieces, I can appreciate that they are still ahead of the game when it comes to integrating technology into their fashion designs.


Another point worth mentioning, Chromat’s appeal is in the strength of their designs. Their clothes have the power to make the wearer feel like that they can achieve anything.  Not only did they use technology in their collection, but they also introduced diversity that ranged from curvier models to one legged runway models, which was quite refreshing.

This AW16 season, Chromat presented their LUMINA collection. It is a range that combines an exploration of light and colour theory, through the work of conceptual artists Robert Irwin and Dan Flavin. The biologically-inspired athletic wear was tailored to the bodies of wearers through personal 3D scanners.


Getting down to the specifics, the pieces where designed using a version of RealSense supported by the powerful performance of Intel processors. Intel. Intel Real Sense is technology the redefines how we interact with our devices for a more natural, intuitive and immersive experience. Embedded into an HP Spectre x2 2-in1, powered by the 6th generation Intel Core m3 processor.  The scans were performed using the ItSeez3D app, which is capable of performing some really great 3D scans, and sent to Sketchfab, whose API integrates both with ItSeez and the Intel RealSense SDK. Also, the models wore thin hand-wraps equipped with StretchSense. Formed in 2012, StretchSense produces soft sensors that are perfect for measuring the complex movements of people and soft objects in our environments. Soft and stretchable, the models only had to squeeze the sensors and the accessory reacted to the pressure by sending a wireless signal to the garment, telling it to light up!

The collection, which was Live-streamed in VR, envisions the future of fashion to be one of 3D technology, 3D scanning and virtual reality.  Chromat designer Becca McCharen, is certainly unafraid to be a forward-thinking designer who embraces cutting-edge technology. Guided towards a more natural environment, McCharen shared “We were really looking at light in a conceptual art way, but we were also thinking about how light functions in the natural world with biomimicry. We were thinking about how organisms use light to communicate, protect, and function in all different ways.”


With 3 days to go until Fashion Week in New York moves onto London, I can only hope that we will still get to withness 1 or 2 more designers implementing some fashion technology into their beautiful collections.

Missed the show? Be prepared to wowed from 6m56s onwards.

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