Meet Pagaré, Pebble x Fit Pay’s Game Changing Smart Strap

Fit Pay planning to mass-manufacture a strap accessory that promises to become the simplest, fastest and most secure way to pay with your Pebble watch.

Meet Pagaré, an NFC payment strap designed and created by Fit Pay INC and endorsed by Pebble.

With the Apple Watch currently the only wrist worn gadget bragging a mobile payment option, the Pagaré smartstrap, which recently launched on Kickstarter, will allow you to make contactless payments at millions of retail locations using your Pebble smartwatch.


With a launch date of July 2016, Fit Pay is relying on raising $120k by 9th March 2016 in order to make it happen. Currently they have over 1k backers and have raised over $72k with still 28 days to go. Once they have raised the funds, Fit Pay will mass-manufacture the strap accessory which promises to become the simplest, fastest and most secure way to pay with your Pebble watch.


When it comes to security, Pagaré leverages the same card network service as Apple Pay and has multiple layers that will protect sensitive data. In addition Pagaré will never store your credit card, instead it will open up an entirely new world of possibilities that will empower you to move freely throughout your day.


The affordable Pebble and Fit Pay collab will offer us bands that are made from the same materials and coated in the same colours as regular Pebble straps. Fitted with a flexible NFC antenna and USB connector for easy charging, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky shared, “The Pagaré contactless payment smartstrap is bringing game-changing new feature to the Pebble Time family of products.”

Unfortunately Pagare’s early bird $49 price is no longer available but you can still grab one for your Pebble for $69 by FUNDING this great idea before it’s too late!

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