A ‘Eureka Moment’ Known As Stryda

This is a campaign that is promising to cater to every fitness junkie's dream.

If you are looking for a fashionable brand to invest in we recommend Australian active wear brand Stryda.

The stylish leggings have kicked up a storm on Kickstarter by raising 327% over their original target of $15,000. With a week still to go, the campaign is promising to cater to every fitness junkie’s dream.


The high-tech leggings have been designed with thermo-regulated compression technology and a sweat wick that will cool you down faster so you can recover quicker from your workout. On the creation of Stryda founder Thien Trinh shared that their ‘eureka moment’ product boasts ‘every panel on the leggings is permeable.’ He also added, “We said to each other that we didn’t want to create something that looked sterile aesthetically, just because they are technical, and so set ourselves a benchmark for what the leggings needed to look like, talking to numerous women including my girlfriend, who works in fashion, about what looks best,”

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Priced at $69.95, these high-quality leggings are available in three lengths and several different prints. With features such as specially-designed pocket for your smartphone, and an ultra-wide waistband, Stryda has seamlessly combined both fashion and technology to create consumer friendly leggings that will make every fashionista’s must have list!

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