Maxi Trend Styled With ‘Normal’ Tech Bag 2.0

Styled Muchaneta Kapfunde | @WearTechStylist

Many women are bag ladies. Some are more tote, others are all about the baguette, and I adore the shopper.

Ready to feed my bag habit, I was happy to be introduced to the Smartbag by Ipnotica.  Durable and with the ability to house all your womanly essentials, this is a bag that has the potential to give Leoht and Everpurse some healthy competition.


What I love is that the HiTech bag was not redesigned for the purpose of being flashy, it was instead created to be the 2.0 of the ‘normal’ bag. The Smartbag celebrates being functional and ordinary. It lives the Clark Kent/Superman existence through its normal pockets, cross body strap and weather proofing (Clark Kent) and its techy inbuilt USB chargers, power bank GPS and SOS button (Superman). In my eyes, it’s chameleon approach to fashion tech makes the Smartbag the perfect brand to style with some of our favourite maxi style coats by Domanoff available at The Clothing Lounge.

Stockists: Pre-order the tech bags at Smart Bag | Shop the Coats at
Stockists: Pre-order the tech bags at Smart Bag | Shop the Coats at

As you might have already noticed, AW15 coats are all about exaggerated, oversized layers with stylish flair. It is classic meets futuristic. Think Audrey Hepburn with a splash of Rihanna. We could not resist styling this trend with the kind of tech bags that will allow our coat to do all the talking this season.

In the mood to rock a tech bag? Well we are pleased to share that the bag is available in 4 different styles- tote, messenger, shopper and baguette- and in an array of color combinations. Currently running a campaign on Kickstarter  Ipnotica‘s handbags are handmade in Italy of sturdy material with full grain, tumbled, calfskin leather trim. Perks include The Smartbag Kit to turn all bags into a smartbag at a super early bird special price of $109 instead of the approximate retail value (ARV) of $199. The Smartbag woman’s handbag model super early bird special for $175 instead of $335 ARV. The Smartbag messenger super early bird special for $199 instead of $359 ARV. Its time to Fund your next bag

Shop the Look at The Clothing Lounge.

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