WearableTechStylist Exudes Confidence that Speaks to Women

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @WearTechStylist

As the #WearableTechStylist, I find myself constantly in the mood to style tech with my everyday wardrobe. Since FashNerd.com‘s launch I have become the brand ambassador, which means that I have started to dress in a way that expresses my tech mood. Like today for example, it is raining so I’m wearing slouchy pants and a slouchy denim button-down and sneakers all tech-ed up with by beautiful Jawbone.


When it comes to styling tech, people always ask me questions like “how can I style tech with my favourite Rag and Bone silk pants or my casual Gap denim shorts?”, and I always smile and say “by finding the tech that compliments your style”. It is not an exact science, it all comes down to finding the kind of tech that works with your personal style. This is something that will get easier as fashion and technology’s relationship grows from puddle to pond.

Styling Leoht

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of how #WearableTechStylist works, the hidden gem is in inspiration. I want a tech brand to draw me in, to call out my name with confidence. I want to hear them tell the world that they have arrivedIt is the obvious passion for their product that gives me the drive to want to show it off with some beautiful garments, so everyone can see it for the jewel that it is.

When I am styling tech, my day-to-day usually involves finding a fashion tech brand with a product that will make the FashNerd readers go “wow, I gotta have that!” Once found, I start to build a look that will compliment the tech’s features, because I want people to salivate with wanting when they first lay eyes on the edit. I want them to see how easy fashion tech can be a part of their life. A successful edit comes down to knowing our audience and getting as much user engagement as possible.

[quote_center]”I want the looks I create  to exude confidence that speaks to women so they can get their “pimp walk” on when they walk into a room”.  [/quote_center]


When it comes to describing my personal style, contrast is key. I’m all about contradictions—I love, for example, a simple LBD with Sophia Webster heels or baggy boyfriend jeans, a simple tee and look-at-me Louboutins. When it comes to tech I rely a lot on beautiful smart statement accessories. I’m obsessed with the Vinaya House rings and the new Caeden bracelets. In an ideal world, I would wear Iris van Herpen all day every day accessorised with smart jewellery. Why? because she is the kind of designer who is unafraid to throw practicality right out of the window, and I love that!

Balmain X HandM KOVERT DESIGN- FashNerd

When I am out and about, my laptop is my P.A. I need to be able to work anywhere and anytime. So I wait on tenterhooks for the perfect tech bag to come to market. That being said, I do have my eye on the Leoht and Van Der Waals.  Lastly, when styling, I keep in mind that not everyone can afford everything. So I do my research and try to mix it up a bit, you know what I mean, a bit of designer label with a touch of highstreet. My ultimate goal is to always create looks that exude the kind of confidence that speaks to women in way that allows them to get their “pimp walk” on whenever they enter into a room.