#TechGiftIdea: KidFit Fitness Tracking Wristband

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Wondering what to buy your tech enthusiast child for Christmas? Well look no further than the KidFit wireless fitness tracking wristband.


It is a child friendly device that will monitor your little one’s health and fitness.  Depending on their age, you can set goals and tasks that will challenge them to remain active.The 0-100 scoring system was designed so children find it easier to understand their achievements.


The splash proof device is available in various colours and brags a clasp free wristband that wraps the wrist. It also has four LED lights that will let you know the status of the wristband, for example, blue is for when it is syncing, green is for activity tracking, orange if for sleep tracking and red is for charging. You can charge the KidFit via USB and track and view the statistics through its free KidFit app available on iOS and Android devices (requires iOS 7+ or Android 4.3+).

Our favourite feature of the KidFit, is its ability to track your child’s sleep cycles. The tracking also gives a graph and score based on how well they slept. Although colourful enough to grab a child’s attention, I do fear that the KidFree Fitness Tracking band might only be able to hold the attention of a child for only a moment. Why? Well it seems targeted to the kind of parents who want to keep track of their child’s health statistics. Leaving us the question of, is keeping track of your child’s activity important to you?



Well we all know that in a world of obesity and health concerns, grabbing one of these bad boys for your little one could simply be a case of good health!

Available for $63 rrp, you can buy the KidFit for $49.95 on Amazon.

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