Sheena Allen Breaking the Mould For Women in Tech

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

#MotivationMonday comes in the shape of Sheena Allen. The 26 year old Terry Mississippi native is a tech mogul-in-the-making. With a growing digital business based in Austin Texas, Allen is breaking the mould as a successful woman in tech. She is proving that there is no type. That age ain’t nothing but a number, and that anyone with a passion for all things tech can build their very own business and make it work.


So far, has had 2 million downloads and counting. Our favourite app  is PicSlit. For $1.99, it allows you to be able to create picture puzzles on our Instagram page. PicSlit cleverly makes a picture puzzle across your Instagram page- pretty cool.

What makes Allen so inspirational to young girls is her determination to chase her tech dreams. Besides Sheena Allen Apps, she also has a development company called HouseBoxx. It is her second company since launching in her senior year of college. Running two companies will definitely keep  her busy, but what makes her different is the positive impact she is making among the youth.


It all began as an idea. The idea became an app, which bragged 50 downloads in the first 2 months. By her third app she was getting 6000-8000 downloads a day. With no financial backers or mentors, Allen made the impossible, possible. The biggest lesson she has learnt thus far is that her very first app should not have been a paid version. At that time she didn’t understand that releasing a free version would lead to the paid version. Lesson learnt, she ended up releasing a free version.

Currently, her app is being downloaded globally. On this, the young CEO shared in a recent interview that it is all about being fearless, and going after what you want 110%. She then added, “being a black woman, doing 100% is not enough.” 


With such a positive thinking attitude, we where happy to learn that Allen is a tech enthusiast who has a love for Instagram and ESPN. That she also has an obsession for accessories and admits that her theme song is ‘Superwoman’ by Alicia Keys. Real to the core, we cannot help but admire her. Rock on Allen.

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