Moochies, Tech Designed For Peace Of Mind

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @DinkyNerds

Moochies is a wristwatch phone that has the ability to track your child ANYWHERE in the world.  A parent’s biggest fear is loosing their child, and this is where Moochies comes in. It will give you and only you the ability to check the GPS location your child. Acting like a mothers apron strings, Moochies will give you extra peace of mind and your child some freedom.


 When it comes to phone calls, your child will only receive calls from pre-set numbers that you as the administrator have permitted your child to call. This means that parents will not have to worry about their child receiving calls from strangers. When it comes to your child making calls, the parents can preset two numbers. These outgoing numbers can be changed at anytime.

The Moochies phone watch will send parents an alert when the battery power drops below 10%, guaranteeing that your child’s device will always be powered up. When purchased, Moochies comes with a charger that you can use at a power point or via USB. The standby time is around 4 days.


Designed for peace of mind, the Moochie phone watch is made of non-toxic silicone and complies with safety standards. The non-lithium battery is made of a gel polymer lithium-ion battery, preventing internal combustion.

Getting the phone watch working is easier than ABC. You need to download the free app from iStore or Google Play. Moochies comes with a unique code that you can register with the app. The device comes with full step by step instructions on how you can pair your mobile app with your child’s phone watch.


The water resistant gadget comes with a SIM card that is not tired to a specific network. The 2g supporting device is supplied with a pre-paid SIM card that gives you financial flexibility unless you prefer a fixed term contract, which is also available.

You can purchase it in orange, pink, blue and black. Moochies is priced at 79.99GBP. BUY NOW

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