Meet Revols, Quick Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

If there is one annoyance that we have all experienced it is the shortcomings of today’s generic earphones. If it is not the wires being tangled up, it is the rather annoying habit of the earphones falling out the minute we turn our head. Plus there is the agony, the pain that takes place inside your ear when you have worn your earbuds for too long. The common downfall is that when you take the buds out to give your ears some much needed relief, you are almost unable to put the earpiece back in again. So what could be done to prevent all this unnecessary hassle? Well, you could always have your earpieces molded and customized so that they are designed to precisely fit in your earholes. The thing is, who wants to go through the process of finding earbud specialists, getting the entrance to their ear canal measured and then waiting for the customized earbuds to be delivered? Then there is the chance of loosing them. Misplacing customized earbuds can be very pricey.


A new hardware company called Revols is feeling our pain. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign that is promising a real solution to this everyday problem. They have teamed up with Onkyo, acoustic engineers with a great reputation according to many audiophiles. The Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer released their first wireless headphone-earbuds at IFA Berlin earlier this year. With a well-established Japanese hi-fi company on board, Revols earbuds promises, among many features, great sound quality.

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Once in your ear, log into the accompanying app on your smartphone and then with a simple click the gel-filled earbuds trigger the magic of the wireless bluetooth 4.1 devices. Your earbuds, that combine a specially formulated nanocomposite and a unique ergonomic design, will start heating up, molding them to a permanent size-fit in only 60 seconds. This action creates a noise cancellation known as the Revols adjustable soundscape. This is a feature that will give you control over the sound of your outside world.

Revols Skins


Revols has an 8-hr battery-life, will allow you to charge while listening and comes with a battery extender that simply clips on to the back of the earphone wire to give you an extra 6 hours of listening. As for the aesthetics, the earpieces combine sleek aesthetics with durable materials. with the only disadvantage being that the ordinary looking earbuds, that look quite similar to Onkyo’s W800BT, might be considered a bit too bulky to be cool. That being said the revolutionary earbuds are designed with top notch sound courtesy of Onkyo, a fair trade off that more than makes up for the products lack in looks.

Revols one-size-fits all earbuds have been designed with an extra layer of protection that will protect our earphones against scratches, sweat and water damage. Available in 7 colors the fashionable functional with adjustable soundscape can be purchased on early bird pre-order for $169 (MSRP $199), with scheduled delivery by June 2016. Fund it HERE

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