Hoko, A Wearable Without the Bells & Whistles

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @DinkyNerds

Today the Royal family released adorable photos of Princess Charlotte. Too cute to resist, we decided to style the darling baby with the latest must have, the Hoko.

The tech device is a plush cuddly toy that measures temperature and humidity. Connected to a sensor by a ribbon, the LED’s inside Hoko’s body glow with colour signals to let you know if your baby is too hot (red) or too cold (blue). Other colours include a green light which means that the battery is dying, and white means everything is A okay. No colour means your baby is at their happiest.


Nicolas Plourde, the man behind the device, objective was to keep things simple. Plourde shared, “We created Hoko to address a precise issue; uncomfortable babies, and we did so in order to allow families to ease up the process of planning an outdoor outing. We think this is the first step towards our wider objective: to encourage positive interactions with nature for generations to come.”

Designed to achieve a specific goal, we can appreciate the device’s lack of bells and whistles. Hoko is a wearable technology that not only uses the fewest interfaces but is a great example of technology that is not about including useless distractions.

Princess Charlotte Edit- FashNerd

On this note, we have styled this cute must have tech to compliment Princess Charlotte’s wardrobe. The look has been put together with a pretty textured cardigan and Mamas and Papas floral dress. Love the edit? You can shop the dress at Liberty’s, the cardigan at The White Company and learn more about the Hoko HERE.

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