Dash & Dot, Rocking #KidsWhoCode’s World

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @DinkyNerds

We would like you to meet Dash and Dot. They are two robots who speak code and are destined to rock the world of #KidsWhoCode.

Meet Dash and Dot
Meet Dash and Dot

Designed by Wonder Workshop, it is the perfect child toy for parents who are enthusiastic about their kids learning code. Like learning a foreign language, children learn much quicker than an average adult, so why not encourage it.

Founder Vikas Gupta’s robot was born out of pure frustration that the toy market was failing to fulfill the appetite of curious and creative kids. He wanted to open their eyes to how the world around them works. Dash and Dot have been designed to guide kids through the world of coding and robotics, by turning ideas into adventures.


When it comes to features, Gupta made sure not to include the educational aspect as an afterthought, instead the robots teach in a fun way that not only appeals to kids but also appeals to adults. ‘Softening the perception’ of robots Dash and Dot can work with either a mobile device or on their own and also boast games such as Simon Says- style memory game.

What we love about Dash and Dot is their capability to recognize and interact with each other. Dash and Dot, winners of National Parenting Publications Awards 2015, come with an accompanying app that will entice your child(ren) whilst teaching them in quite a cute way. The robots are targeted for young children aged 5 upwards. It was important to Gupta that kids be given the opportunity to start learning about the digital age from a young age. Which begs the question, can a 5 year old truly appreciate learning code?

Well I guess it depends on who you ask. Dash and Dot might not be able to get all 5 year olds learning code, but we love the fact that the robots have been built to grow with your kids. Available with add-ons, the robots will give kids the capability to build programmable LEGO structure. The add on accessories can get more complex as the child gets older, making the cost worth it for money conscious parents. Dash is priced at $150 and smaller Dot at $50. For $200, Dash and Dot promise to be the gift that keeps giving.


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