Wearables, The Questions We Ought to be Asking

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Anthrogeek. Educator. Author. These are the kind of words that conjure up Dr. Geneveive Bell.  As “Intel’s sharp eyed social scientist“, Bell, for us,  was the must see speaker at the Code/Mobile conference which took place last week on 7-8 October at Half Moon bay, California.


Lately it seems more apparent that for a wide adoption of wearable tech the industry should actually find a way to self-reflect. In doing so, the industry would be able to acknowledge whether what it has been doing so far has been necessary when it comes to putting the user at the centre of all decision making. The self- reflect would allow the industry to debate on whether they have been asking users the right questions in order to ascertain who, where and why consumers should embrace the new great technologies of today.

On this Dr. Genevieve Bell is currently leading a research team of interaction designers, human factors engineers, computer scientists and social scientists, who develop new products at Intel. In doing so they are aiming to set the people’s needs and desires in the centre of the decision making process. Only to end up with products that entice and fulfill real human need.s instead of just tech-centred ideas.

As a thought-leader within the field of merging culture and technology, Bell is a frequent public speaker and panelist at technology conferences worldwide and a published co-author of  Divining the Digital Future: Mess and Mythology in Ubiquitous Computing, her first book co-written with Professor Paul Dourish of University of California at Irvine

Missed her talk at Code/Mobile conference? Well click on the video below and allow her to educate you.

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