Anrealage Brings Tech Gimmicks to PFW

Tech on the runway has a bad rep of being gimmicky and this season label Anrealage did nothing to dispel this stereotype. That being said, they did catch fashion’s attention when they opted for a personalized high-tech experience during their SS16 show at Paris Fashion Week.


Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga’s Anrealage RTW Spring 2016 embraced the digital age and was all about being all about “Reflect reality [to make] a new reality.” The attendees where given the opportunity to snap photographs of the reactive collection, that was created with photosensitive fabrics. With smartphones at the ready our top pick was the ruffled black dress that when photographed revealed itself to be fluorescent green. So why turn the runway into an interactive show? Morinaga explained, “What’s real and what’s virtual? I want to show that what’s virtual can be just as real too.”

ANREALAGE // SS16 PFW PARIS . 29.09.15
ANREALAGE // SS16 PFW PARIS . 29.09.15

This SS16 season, incorporating tech for many brands was all about streaming their shows, so when a label comes along that is unafraid to take the tech path, we get excited but we also feel like shouting it really is time for the gimmicks to stop and for the fashion tech to begin.


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