Styled By Muchaneta Kapfunde | @WearTechStylist

You have asked, and we have delivered, 7 stylish looks for 7 days. With Paris Fashion Week Opening its doors tomorrow, the question is not what Choos are we going to wear, it is instead how can we tech up our look and still keep up with the chic Parisians.

With many of you fans of our #WearableTechStylist fashion tech edits, we have decided to pick the perfect looks based on the edits that have reigned supreme among you all. Styled for each day of the week, we are confident that these are looks most likely to be papped by the shutterbugs!

FashNerd- 7 Days of Style Tech

Lastly, with fashion promising to infuse tech into our future attire, we strongly believe that fashionable tech is all about seamlessly integrating today’s trends with tomorrow technology.

Now with our AW15 wardrobe beckoning us to put down our summer dresses and espradrilles, we are finding ourselves craving this seasons must haves- versatile blazers, sexy stilettos and boyfriend jeans, so why not throw stylish technology that is not only convenient but also the taste of the season.

We are all about tech that empowers women in a way that gives them confidence, so why not find YOUR ultimate piece and as Tim Gunn says “make it work”!

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