Bryan Oknyansky, It’s Time For A Bootie Call

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Forget the handsomely stylish Alexander Wang Booties, we want more tech than just trend from our shoes.

At the moment it seems that Fashion Tech is all about the wrist, and our feet are vying for some attention. This is where visionary footwear brand Shoes by Bryan comes in.


Founded by award-winning architecture and footwear designer Bryan Oknyansky, this is a brand that has earned its title as ‘the world’s first eco-friendly 3D printed high heels’. Famous for it’s Split Heels, Shoes by Bryan objective is based on creating 3D printed shoes that can be worn like traditional shoes.

When it comes to recognition, it all began in 2013 when Shoes by Bryan debuted their Heavy Metal collection. This critically acclaimed collection generated such a buzz with the fashion tribe that is successfully brought to light the world of 3D printing technologies. On the collection, Oknyansky stated, “The day the 3D Touch 3D printer arrived at the studio I powered it up and immediately started printing prototypes of Split Heels. This is my first design that I could make completely from my studio without outsourcing production. One month later I had 13 cutting-edge high heels ready for the catwalk at a fraction of the cost. It’s a real game-changer and it will soon change how shoes are made and sold.”


Oknyansky’s mission is all about designing shoes that are all about high standards and comfort. Starting form £390, his collection is sleek, daring, and begging to be worn. Using technology his collections are all about less waste, whilst embracing a concept which was inspired by women. Staying true to his architectural roots, his shoes are like no other, and it is this individuality that makes us sigh with excitement.


So what now? Well we look forward to the day that Shoes by Bryan become a wardrobe essential for stylish women. This is a signature look that mixes architectural inspirations with the latest in advanced alternative manufacturing technologies like 3D printing we are sure it is only a matter of time. Exploring design and technology Shoes By Bryan are not only on the cutting edge of footwear they are leading the technology revolution towards a stylish future.

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