BAFW: The Fashion Week For Wearable Tech Enthusiasts?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

This week LFW ended and Berlin Alternative Fashion Week began. We have decided to take a moment from the Big 4 (NYC, London, Milan and Paris), so we can take a look at the offerings at #BAFW this season.

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Berlin has a reputation as a city that nurtures and supports free-spirited, alternative thinking, which has made it a hub for pioneering cutting-edge design. Running from 23rd September to 26th September, it is a platform showcasing the rise of alternative concepts in fashion. The reason why it is an event that caught our interest, is because it aims to promote influential, genre-breaking innovators and connect them with established contemporaries in the fields of fashion, music and art.

This is a Fashion Week with difference. It is not constrained or dominated by big brands and label. It celebrates non-conformity and is unafraid to explore new identities and possibilities. This surely is a place for technology to exist. An event that welcomes innovative fashion tech designers with open arms.

Adam Rose, BAFW Founder
Adam Rose, BAFW Founder

BAFW was founded by Adam Rose in 2014. He believes that “fashion should be inclusive, rather than exclusive”. His objective is to give opportunity to new and independent designers, who want to explore ethical and sustainable ways of buying and sourcing materials.

Their main show is the ‘Alchemy’. It is a melting pot of  creativity, offering new designers the chance to develop their ideas into something “truly sublime in an nonrestrictive atmosphere”.  It introduces 11 Designers throughout the day, including; Ivana Pilja’s futuristic play with androgyny. An event for wearable tech enthusiasts, we will be putting together a roundup of the shows, so watch this space.

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