YONO, The First In-Ear Wearable Thermometer

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

With 39 days remaining, we are excited for the New Kid on the Kickstarter Block, YONO. The wearable basal thermometer has already received 24K of their 30K goal in a short period of time. With 180 backers believing in the fertility friendly gadget, how can we not shine our spotlight on what appears to be such a great tech idea for couples trying to conceive.

YONO kickstarter

YONO is the first in-ear wearable thermometer. The small wellness wearable captures your core body temperature and provides you with reliable Basal Body Temperature data. What makes YONO the perfect device for women trying to conceive is because it measures your core body temperature instead of skin temperature. All you have to do is place YONO in your ear before bed, then take it off in the morning so YONO can measure your data whilst also recording, transmission, and charting.


The Base Station, which is where you store your ear bud, is where the data is transferred and synced with your YONO iOS or Android APP. The APP manages your overall health, whilst also tracking other symptoms associated with ovulation. With the data analytics it collects, YONO becomes more predictive with each monthly cycle.


The person behind YONO is Vanessa Xi, a Stanford GSB graduate who came up with the idea when she was trying to conceive. Her OB/GYN asked her to measure BBT data daily she found that even for the most disciplined women, it’s difficult to finish one month’s data measuring, recording, and plotting. Working with Dr. Nanette Lashay (MD, FACOG), Vanessa led YONO team to leverage the most innovative wearable technology in order to help women suffering from the same problem.


We love YONO because it is the kind of comfortable earbud that has been specifically designed to fit snugly into your ear without falling out. Created using high-quality silicone, YONO only needs to be charged once a week and it brags 3 colours, green, blue and violet and is available in 3 different sizes that can easily be replaced and washed.

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