Samsung Gear S2 Competes For Your Wrist

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Finally, Samsung has discreetly broke its silence with what appears to be a brushed aluminum case circular smartwatch. Last April, photos were leaked on the internet that showed that the new Samsung watch was going to be a circular design. Shortly after that, Samsung released it’s wearable SDK (Software Developer Kit) to third party developers. Then it was radio silence, until now.

The Samsung Gear S2 shown in the lookbook made for Samsung’s new smartphone

Before Samsung’s seventh smart watch was announced, they teased and toyed with us and we fell for it line, hook and sinker. In February 2015, Samsung released a striking campaign where the Android Wear model adorned the mysterious device. It was round and redesigned, and it left many tech enthusiasts wondering is this the new watch.



It has been a long road for Samsung, and we cannot help but admire their tenacity. If you can cast your mind back to September 2013, The Gear was Samsung’s first go at designing and marketing a smart watch. They attempted to wow us with a gadget that made phone calls via speakerphone, had fitness tracking, could control music playback, and it even had a camera. The Gear watch started Samsung on a road of trial and error, that is until the Gear S2. The new Samsung watch means business. It is a watch that demands attention and respect and Samsung is unashamed to admit that it has taken 6 watches before it got there.


With a round 360×360-pixel display, the new watch can certainly be considered AppleWatch’s Silent Assassin. Running on a new version of Samsung’s Tizen OS software, the Gear S2 will be powered by a dual core Exynos 1.2GHz processor, a 450MHz GPU and 768MB of RAM. Exynos is Samsung’s own-brand ARM-based CPU architecture; it’s found inside its range of smartphones and tablets. It is rumored that the smart watch could be available in as many as 3 different versions. With its official unveiling taking place at their press conference on 3rd September 2015 aduring the IFA show in Berlin, we must hold our hands up and say that we are salivating with anticipation.


Samsung Gear watches; Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear S have paved the way for the Gear S2 to be a success. We predict that it is these watches before that will make it an easier transition for number 7 to enter into the consumer market. Like a playboy who loves the chase, Samsung has been wooing our wrists for a while now, and for the first time the Gear S2 might just make us take pause and listen.

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