Paper Clutches? Now We Are Intrigued

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Paper Clutches? Now We Are Intrigued.

We love it when Fashion keeps it simple, and for Petit Fou, simplicity is key. They have used our most basic material, paper, to hand make a collection of colourful clutches.


The idea was born in 2014 by Germany based company Petit Fou. They sourced their paper from different parts of Europe so they could create customised clutches that are quite beautiful. The creative team is made up of Daniela, Valentina, Jessica and Soraya. They work out of Paperlux, a Design Studio based in Hamburg, where their sketches have magically evolved into innovative designs.

Their success came about through trial and error, Valentina shares, “Since we are a design studio with a passion for paper and also with a passion for experimenting, we always try to think of new ways to make people see what a wonderful material paper truly is.


Valentina and her team have designed a clutch that brags a special coating which ensures that the paper bag can withstand small amounts of moisture, like sweat from your hand. She has admitted that she confidently carries her iPhone, keys, wallet and make-up in her paper clutch.

We are loving the geometric design of this handsome clutch. It’s series of folds and sharp angles ensure its stability and structure of the clutch. Currently available in 2 sizes and 6 different colours, we wonder, are these the fashion accessories of the future, or is it just wishful thinking? Well either way, we are in love!


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