Can Allen Edmonds LGA Wingtip Replace Your Nike?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Are you that guy who would prefer to have a pair Nike’s on his feet rather than the traditional lace up? Well technology is coming up with something stylish for men of the ‘sneaker generation’.

For a while now, Footwear brands have been making it their mission to design classic style shoes that will be just as comfortable as your favourite pair of sneakers. Kevin Harter, vice president of men’s fashion direction at Bloomingdale’s says, “everyone likes to talk about active technology with clothing, but for shoes it’s also really important.” 


Using new technology and techniques, footwear brands are beginning to offer a more feather light version of the formal shoe. They are doing this by designing shoes that are less hefty and more flexible, ensuring maximum comfort when worn. Another important feature that is being included in many design specs is the need to construct shoes in way that will mean less-sweaty feet, a perfect perk for those who prefer to go sockless during the summertime.

If you are loving the sound of such a shoe then we recommend the Allen Edmonds LGA Wingtip. We love them because they have the look of a polished classic footwear, but are 30% lighter than the average welted shoe.  The components of the Allen Edmonds LGA Wingtip are fused with strong adhesive rather than being stitched. This design decision promises to make the shoe more flexible.  Lastly, the Allen Edmonds LGA Wingtip with cashmere-soft Italian suede bucks brags a “sacchetto” construction that will create a glove-like fit that will minimise blisters and a nonslip rubber sole that will give you the much needed shock-absorbing padding.

Allen Edmonds’s LGA Wingtip
Allen Edmonds’s LGA Wingtip


So the question now is, are you sold on the Allen Edmonds LGA Wingtip shoes? Well I think if you are the kind of person who would enjoy wearing stylishly smart shoes that embody the spirit of your favourite pair of sneakers, then you my friend are destined to have Allen Edmonds LGA Wingtip shoes as part of your footwear collection . Shop Now.

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