Bucardo, Reinventing Classic Products for the Modern World

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

We are excited to announce that California-based lifestyle company Bucardo have been busy reinventing classic products for the modern world with the launch of The Pendulum Collection


The Pendulum Collection is a line of premium accessories that transform the Apple Watch into a classic pocket watch or stylish pendant necklace, a trend first witnessed on Tom Ford‘s runway.

The trendsetting collection is inspired by the original way that men wore their timepieces.  It features silver and gold plating and crystals by Swarovski® for both men and women. For the tech gentleman we love  the handsomely designed pocket watch available with either a refined pinstripe or hammered cover that flips open to reveal the Apple Watch face. For fashion forward women Bucardo offers two takes on the vintage-inspired pendant. There is the locket pendant  that conceals the face of the Apple Watch behind an eye-catching cover that features a constellation or starburst engraving. It can be worn around the neck where the charm pendant will allow the wearers to personalize their look with a selection of elegant charms. Each accessory is accompanied by a detachable chain.


On the collection Jonas Lee, co-founder of Bucardo states “We are so excited to offer a way to transform the Apple Watch into a more personalized accessory for any occasion.” Lee continues, “As wearable technology becomes a part of our everyday lives, we want to enable users to tailor it to their own style and needs. With the Pendulum Collection, we are making it possible in a beautiful and timeless way.”

The Pendulum Collection was designed using a patent-pending technology that was developed to integrate seamlessly with the Apple Watch. The patent-pending technology will transform your 42mm Apple Watch into a classic, vintage-inspired pocket watch. The collection has been engineered to interface directly with the band slots of your Apple Watch, so all you have to do is simply slide your wristbands out and slide your Bucardo accessory in. Packaged with a custom-fit cedar wood insert, it has been designed to also be used as a freestanding docking station for the Apple Watch. Base accessories start at $150 and will retail online at www.bucardostyle.com . For early backers, the Pendulum Collection is also available on Kickstarter- FUND NOW.

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