, The Super Hero Of Functional Wearables?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Just when you think it cannot get any better, it does. Anyone who lives for fashion knows that a functional wearable is simply not enough, it also needs to be superbly stylish.

With wearables now being all the rage, any dignified member of the style tribe will demand a wearable accessory that is equal to their sense of style. This, ladies and gentlemen, is when super hero to the stars online jeweler steps in.  They have been quite busy saving functional wearables up and down the web. They are doing this by giving their customers the ability to customise their wearable tech with flourish.

Jawbone Iced up with Brilliance (.com)
Jawbone Iced up with Brilliance (.com)

Joining the trend of blinging up your tech, have taken the word ‘makeover’ to a whole new level. Sure, bling bling is not for everyone, but for those of you who would like to customise their Jawbone Up, Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch and Martian Victory Timepiece with luxe jewels, then keep on reading.

Martian Victory Timepiece bragging some bling
Martian Victory Timepiece bragging some bling is all about the personal touch.  With jewels available in an array of different colours and styles, you can choose from conflict free diamonds or gemstones such as rubies, pink sapphires or emeralds. Your selected jewels can be set in white, yellow or rose gold. Platinum and palladium settings are also up for offer. When making your selection, you can choose between 2 rows of 10 round cut stones or 1 row of 6 stones on each side.

With a lifetime warranty, how can you not want to spoil your favourite wearable. Even the most dullest of funtional wearables can adorn a bit of bling, just so they will get noticed for all the right reasons.

Jennifer Hudson rocks the Samsung GALAXY Gear watch that the Brilliance
Jennifer Hudson rocks the Samsung GALAXY Gear watch with a touch of

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