TOC A LifeStyle Tech Vertical Record Player

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Industrial designer Roy Harpaz had two design elements in mind when he created TOC, a lifestyle tech vertical record player that is both simple and clean. It is a turntable that can end the term “Wheels of Steel” and would actually need a vinyl record to be identified as such. We, at Fashnerd, have been it saying for a while; fashion will be translated through design in Lifestyle tech, and you will find it in our home. So to us this is another great example of design thinking and the understanding that design is making up tomorrow’s Lifestyle tech and the place it will claim in our smart home.


The recently graduated, Israeli born designer created a sleek egg-shaped design record player with a linear tracking system that will prevent any loss of warm analog sound. What makes this product strong is that the user experience did not end up as an afterthought. Although the TOC comes with a remote control, you will find LED player-controls touch buttons on the front of the “amniotic egg”, making it possible to skip to your favorite tracks as you please. With the help of an internal brush, made of carbon fibers, older records will automatically be brushed clean for an ultimate performance.

“Fashion Will be Translated Through Design in Lifestyle Tech, and you Will Find it in our Home.”

The beautiful CNC-cut walnut wood designed record player can be plugged into any receiver with stereo inputs. TOC also has two USB ports that will allow your PC, smartphone or flash drive to capture music and convert the sound from analog to digital.  Another feature is the device’s ability to play all your records whether they be 7inch, 10inch or 12inch LP’s. All you have to do is choose your record-size and obviously at the speed that comes with it. This is a feature that can be controlled by two sets of buttons on the side of the device.



As quoted on Roy Harpaz’s own blog: “The inspiration for the design of ‘TOC’ was drawn from the dinosaurs who roamed the Earth in the Mesozoic era. This era divided for three periods; The Triassic period (“T”) and the Cretaceous period (“C”) which represents the beginning and the end of the Mesozoic era and the Jurassic period which was the most prolific period for the dinosaurs. This period is represented with the letter “O” and the ‘TOC’ shape, which is symbolizes the amniotic egg.”

TOCNow as a former DJ myself I can say that the TOC vertical record player makes me feel spoiled already but is it too much to ask for this neat lifestyle gadget to be made with wireless connectivity and be available in different styles? Information on where this baby can be bought has not yet been disclosed. That being said, I am confident that once it becomes available, they will not need to convince me to buy it, because I am already sold!

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