Hello Baby, New Volvo Concept Revealed

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

New concept has come to town. Volvo, an automaker with the reputation of being the preferred family car, have unveiled the Excellence Child Seat. It replaces the front seat with a baby seat giving parents easier access to their infant.


At the moment parents are more familiar with the child seat that is usually mounted in the back seat facing forward, in the Excellence concept, the back-seat passenger and the baby face one another – and the baby is facing rearwards. Even if just the driver and the infant are in the car, it’s still easier for the driver to see the little one’s face while driving.

Another great feature is that the child seat can also be unlocked and rotated on its pedestal toward the front passenger door, allowing for easier loading and unloading of its precious cargo. Additionally, storage spaces beside and beneath that seat can be used for items such as diapers, bottles or blankets. Although there is currently no word on when, or even if the Excellence Child Seat might become reality, all parents can live in hope.

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