Styling The Circret Bracelet

In celebration of ‘Orange Is The Only Black’ returning to Netflix, we have decided to put together an edit like no other. It is a look-at-me-I-am-wearing-orange trend partnered up with some fabulous tech. So now the question is, do you dare indulge in orange this season, if your reply is yes then do read on.

When Orange is Technically The New BlackThe star of our edit is the orange Circret bracelet. This wonderful piece of tech is the future we have been waiting for since watching Back to The Future like a million times. With an air of Jetson about it,  the Circret bracelet projects the iPad or smartphone interface onto the wearer’s arm. “I dont believe you” I hear you say, well it is true.

The Circret bracelet was first introduced to the market as a concept back in 2014 and since the beginning of 2015, it has gone from an idea to a real possibility. So how does it work? Well combining 4 technologies, the Circret bracelet turns the wearer’s skin into a touchscreen, allowing them to answer their phone on the projected screen- amazing right? Besides being able to answer your phone you can also read emails, use a map to find your way, check the weather or even hop onto your social media network. The Circret bracelet’s simple design means that it can easily go with any look, taking you from day to evening in style. Available in a variety of colours, the developers are looking to release the bracelet worldwide soon.

Want to learn more? You can donate to the development of the prototype HERE, otherwise shop the rest of the look at Lanvin (dress), Topshop (shoes) and Anya Hindmarch (clutch).

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