MyWebRooms, Savvy Millennials New Abode

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Technology can come in the shape of fun and that is what visual bookmarking platform myWebRoom is all about. The young San Francisco based company has come up with the perfect platform designed to give you the ability to organize the content that you love in a beautiful way.


The innovative start-up has created a modern homepage inspired by sites like Pinterest and Polyvore with bookmarking capabilities of sites like Dragdis and Kifi, creating a whole new way of interacting with online content. 

Over the past year myWebRoom user base has been quietly growing from 40,000 to 650,000. Heading the myWebRoom design team is lead product designer Ling Lim who states, “Personally, I’ve used many bookmarking and content discovery websites and found that each one lacked a connection between the other that I felt would be ideal for consumers. I wanted to create a bookmarking tool for people who wanted an all-encompassing platform. Essentially, myWebRoom is a bridge between discovering content and saving content.”

How it works is that once you are signed up, you will be able to open any website, watch videos, shop, and more all from within the platform’s unique interface. You will also be able to organize your favourite online finds into folders and also be able to show off your favourite content by making certain bookmark folders visible to others.


What we love about this lifestyle tech bookmarking platform is that it is more than just a tool or extension it is an inventive design with exciting self-expression capabilities. You are able to let your personality shine through rooms that you can fill with real-world products from your favourite stores. Another perk is that myWebRoom offers it’s users a tailored feed that will suggest content and websites based on your interests.

With the intrinsic advertising potential inherent in the design aspect of the site, myWebRoom plans to utilize product placement, cost-per-click and cost-per-impression income funnels to monetize the 8.9 million products that have been placed in users’ rooms. The potential to collect marketing data is also an untapped revenue stream that has been in the periphery of the company’s vision since day one.

Moving forward, myWebRoom plans to expand the reach of their rooms whilst still keeping the experience a personal one. With myWebRoom seeing growth and retention unmatched in its short, two-year span, we look forward to seeing this self-expression platform being the go to social media platform for savvy millennials. 

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